Personal Tax Services

The world of tax can be overwhelming. One of our goals is to make tax season easier for you. We assist our clients with all of their personal taxation matters, ensuring maximum tax refunds all while guiding our client’s through strategy and planning, preparation and organization. We keep up with all the legislative changes – let us keep you updated of all new tax incentives and deductions that the Canada Revenue Agency releases.

Regular Tax Preparation

Basic return for a person who does not have self-employment income. Our personal tax services include: Overdue returns, tax planning and projections, objections, Adjustments, Voluntary Disclosures, T1135 Forms, Response to CRA letters and other accounting matters. Contact us for more information.

Self-Employed Tax Preparation

Return for a person who has an unincorporated business or other form of self-employment income and wishes to reduce his or her tax bill by deducting business expenses. Includes the preparation of one HST return per year if required. Contact us for more information.

HST Returns

One HST return is included with each self-employed tax return. If you have other, standalone HST returns to file, we can help. Contact us for more information.

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