Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

Maintaining your books is a critical but daunting task. We take the stress out by streamlining this process so it’s all ready for end-of-year tax time. As a growing business, it’s important to know what the financial position and performance are at any given time. Our firm specializes in interactive accounting technology giving you real-time updates on revenue, expenses and financial goals. Don’t wait until year-end to know how your business is doing.


  • Client Portal – securely send messages, files and tasks so that we can quickly and effectively manage your books
  • Record Keeping and Document Management – get rid of your receipt shoebox and replace it with a digital file cabinet that makes storing and sorting receipts simple
  • Data Security – We maintain both on-site and off-site end-to-end encrypted backups and solutions of your data so it doesn’t get lost
  • Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Bookkeeping with Business Overview Reports
  • Timely reconciliations of bank & credit card accounts to allow for quicker business decisions, identify lost checks or deposits, and prevent unauthorized transactions
  • Expenses, Receivables & Payables Management – we will post vendor bills and expenses and ensure that bills are paid on time
  • Tax Deadline Management – never miss a tax deadline again
  • Financial Statements and Year-End Working Paper Files
  • Corporate Tax Returns, Federal and Provincial
  • Year-Round support for you and your business


Streamline your back office. We connect all of your important business data to make things simple. Contact us for more information.

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